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  1. D

    Mug database?

    I saw this from FB. Worth a look.
  2. D

    What's on the menu? Friday Thread!

    I'm starting my holiday weekend early! Hello to my old friend Painkiller! Aloha!
  3. D

    Bitters Newb

    never purchased any, but I'm sure I've had them unknowingly in my tiki drinks. ;)
  4. D

    Suffering Bastard Recipe

    yes. Moscow has vodka and lime juice if I remember correctly. -Also the ginger beer. That is why Suffering is reminding you of this.
  5. D

    Facebook Group Purists

    It looks like there have been at least 2 groups with over-reaching admins. Too funny. (and too much drama) Lots of people left the one group, with chat about creating their own, My new nickname for the admin is "Tazi's" that is Tiki Nazis. o_O:mad::ROFLMAO::oops:
  6. D

    Mug database?

    What's everyone doing to track their tiki mugs now that the main site is no more? I've resorted to spreadsheets. Kinda sucks to be honest.
  7. D

    Facebook Group Purists

    It has its place for some things. I don't like the fact that's it so hard to locate older stuff. Plus the whole privacy thing, I have things popping up that tell me there must be some master algorithm brain somewhere.
  8. D

    Support your local Tiki Bars!

    It's nice to see the community stepping up to support our local tiki bars. I cannot imagine being out of work for this amount of time.
  9. D

    What's on the menu? Friday Thread!

    I enjoyed a few mai tais and a dark and stormy. It was an awesome weekend indeed! I'll be looking for some new recipes for this weekend, Any suggestions?
  10. D

    Facebook Group Purists

    Anybody here belong to any tiki facebook groups? I joined one where the tiki loons hang out. You can't talk about anything off topic, god forbid you post a pic of anything that isn't 100% tiki. (in their minds) The admins openly admit to deleting many post daily. I think they must be goose...
  11. D

    Fake plants?

    where do most of you get your fake plants? I want to go crazy on one wall but don't want to break the bank!
  12. D

    Starting my build

    Field of dreams my friend. 🍹
  13. D

    Tiki mug collectors? Sound off.

    I only recently got a few. They are the higher end ones, I only let my "trusted friends" use them, lol
  14. D

    Easter Sour

    I saw an article on how to make your own rock candy syrup. If I remember correctly, it's like super saturated simple syrup. You keep adding sugar to the water until it won't dissolve anymore. If you place a stick or straw in the liquid, when it starts cooling it grows off the straw like a...
  15. D

    Disneyland Dole Whip Recipe

    This looks pretty good. This is always on my "must have" when I make a visit to Disneyland. Thanks for the recipe!
  16. D

    Ideas on shoestring budget

    I second this sentiment...
  17. D

    Take Out Tiki Cocktails?

    It's Mai Tai's tonight for us, from Hulas Modern Tiki. Mahalo!
  18. D

    TIki Caliente May - 2020

    It will be interesting to see what a large public event looks like in the near future. Everyone wearing masks? Vaccines given out at the door? People staying 6 feet apart?
  19. D


    Possibly. Time will tell.
  20. D

    Planet of The Apes

    Sounds interesting. I think I may have all of these in the liquor cabinet! Damn dirty apes! Thanks!