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Commercial 2021 is shaping up to be devastating for east coast tikiphiles: first, the Mai Kai's problems, and now the Kowloon is closing

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Word dropped this weekend that the beloved Saugus, Massachusetts, poly pop temple Kowloon is closing its doors:

But the end is coming. The Wong family says it is planning to tear Kowloon down. And Boston is flipping out . . .

Mr. Wong and his family have filed an application with the city to turn the property into a subdivision. A teardown of the restaurant and redevelopment of the property is likely two or three years down the road, the family says. A smaller version of Kowloon on the property is likely.

This sounds possibly worse than the loss of the Kahiki which was turned into a Walgreens or something. The one time I was up there on a business trip, I was sitting at my company's HQ 30 minutes west of the Kowloon all week... fighting a bad cold and never felt up to making the quick drive over there.

At least there's still a (seemingly dying) glimmer of hope for the Mai Kai, if the Thornton family can secure some business partners and funding. after their flood: https://www.maikai.com/announcements/

Though scuttlebutt is that their effort is coming up dry.
I saw that news about the Kowloon today. Very sad indeed. I always hate to hear of the older places closing up. 70 years they have been doing business? That is a great loss for Boston. - and the Mai Kai, I hope that ends well.

Here's a news story about the Kowloon that seems to offer a ray of hope as far as the restaurant staying open for a few more years and then eventually becoming a smaller restaurant. (sigh)

That story's from last January. I've seen more recent stories that Kowloon's closing sooner rather than later. Yes, they say a smaller restaurant will be incorporated into the redevelopment, but that means a year, maybe two as the site goes through demolition and redevelopment. As we saw with Kahiki, promises to return don't always pan out. Granted, Kowloon and Kahiki are different situations, but still.

I'm sure tikiphiles from the Boston area can give up more timely updates on what's happening.
Mai Kai seems to have the right people (and money) working on it. I expect some sort of announcement this year, but there is a lot of reconstruction or to be done before they reopen
That stretch in Saugus had so many amazing mid-century restaurant gems, and last we heard most of them have closed, like Hilltop Steak House ... we miss the nearby Bali H'ai...