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Aloha from Honolulu


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Aloha everyone! It's super cool to know such a forum exists! I found this forum after reading Smuggler's Cove book tonight and was so excited that I had to look this place up for myself. I've always had a love for Polynesian Pop and tiki culture: collecting tiki mugs and decor, mainly, but also antique clothing, Hawaiiana, old jewelry, paper umbrellas, old plastic drink mermaids, shell leis, coconut shells made into cups and the like...the list is pretty long. I also collect old Halloween things. I love hibiscus flowers and plants and grow a lot of them.

I grew up with the International Market Place in the days when it was magical, now it's just pretty sterile. I used to frequent La Mariana Sailing Club pretty often and it was one of my favorite places and was devastated when it got closed down during Covid and no one knew if it was ever going to open up again, which, thankfully it did. I haven't been back there for years. There's another favorite place I love in Honolulu called Skull and Crown Trading (my profile picture of skull drink is their signature drink).

For fun I like to haunt the local swap meet for yet more coconut cups, antiques, baubles, beads and plants. My project for Halloween this year is to create a haunted tiki bar in my garage surrounded by a swampy graveyard. I have ambitious projects that I have trouble completing due to time/money/space constraints and my ideas are pretty grand(iose).

One of my bucket list items is to visit Mai Kai in Florida and attend a Tiki Con. Looks like I missed the one on Oahu a few years back, which I saw on Youtube.

Super excited and thrilled to be here and maybe one day I can meet you all in person!
Glad you found us! Smuggler's Cove is one of my favorite books. Skull and Crown Trading Company? I love the name, I'll add it to my bucket list. :sneaky:

The swap meet sounds amazing, I'll bet you find all kinds of treasures. How cool is that? We have a lot of folks that are into collecting that visit our forum, I hope they chime in. I have a modest mug collection in my own private tiki bar. (look for "Lava Lounge" in the bar section) But as you know, there is never enough room for your mugs. ;)

Welcome to the Tiki Forum! Some of our regulars will say hello I'm sure, Tiki folks are the friendliest out there! If you ever get to Phoenix, give me a shout, The Lava Lounge always has a light on.

Welcome @LehuaMonsoon

Nice to meet you!

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Aloha and welcome aboard! I got my first copy of Smuggler's Cove this past Christmas and it hasn't left my living room table.
I grew up with the International Market Place in the days when it was magical, now it's just pretty sterile.

Same here. We used to poke fun at it for being a tourist trap, but it was always a fun atmosphere to walk through and definitely shaped or warped my sense of aesthetics. Were you around for when Pearl City Tavern still had live monkeys in the bar section? :LOL: