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Aloha from Sacramento!


Aloha everyone! My name is Theron and I'm so excited I don't know where to start, but know I write like I speak. So imagine a boisterous-yet-elated voice throughout. I'm just pleased as Planter's Punch to find the forum, as I am trying to re-socialize and find like-minded people that share similar passions. And what a productive Google research night it was. About me: I am a freelance videographer where I dive into food history whenever I can. Food is simply the gateway to my heart and, I believe, the source to connect people and cultures across space and time. Yes, I am a dork for food.

I suppose my foray into Tiki was inevitable as I have always thoroughly enjoyed places that can create an experience where the outside world melts away. As a kid, places like Hard Rock Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, and the Enchanted Tiki Room ride successfully grabbed my attention (as if they were designed that way haha) and that style of theatricality enthralled me. But it was a fateful trip to Kauai with my family in 2017 where Tiki would finally get its fish hooks deep into my soul. Tiki Iniki would be my first. I was fortunate enough to travel and stay in Princeville which is very close to local fixtures on the North side and a fabulous town called Hanalei, but it screams "golf resort town!" with the manicured lawns, boutique stores, and, well, golf courses. One night we all went to the shopping center, and like a strange beacon amongst concrete floors and shops therein, stood the place. Bamboo poles, dark green window shades marked "RUM XXX", and a lone large mask-like tiki stood vigil by the stairs that lead inside. It's a whole hut-like facade amongst plain surroundings. Inside was a visual overload of things to absorb. Stylized mugs for days. Polynesian influence and Pop up the wazzoo. A lone drummer from the Enchanted Tiki room sits motionless in an upper window and other curios made by Bamboo Ben were scattered, stashed, and compiled into various displays. Gentle Exotica music filled the room combined with the rambunctious conversations of everyone inside. It was a look, and was my first exposure to anything like it. And I wanted to know more and see other places like it. Luckily when I got home, I was able to see if the magic would refresh itself if I went to a local spot called Jungle Bird. And it did. The dimly lit tropical fantasy away from the bustling city outside was a welcome reprieve from the loudness of it all. Plus, I'm finding the history of the cocktails served fascinating too. Several books, mugs, and other Tiki establishments later, I want to see and learn more. I'm still fairly new to the culture of it all compared to most people, but my enthusiasm for it is equally matched.

Pleasure to be here, and looking forward to conversing with some of y'all.
Welcome BigRed!

We are glad you found us! We have quite a few regulars that would love to chat with you about Tiki cocktails, food, art and music!


Same. FB is too difficult to search for previous info. I like it here just fine.

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