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ALOHA! So glad this is back!!!!!!


Aloha all, so happy that this is back and can't wait to check out the archives etc.

I have been officially collecting since 1999, but my first mugs as a child were the black Moai from the Fireside Wi. and a Fu Manchu. I thought they were cool when my parents brought them home ,so I put them in my room. I am hoping to connect here for info, ideas and possible trades in the future.

I am the lucky owner of the Tiki that used to keep guard out front at the "OUTRIGGER" Apartments on Rosemead and Huntington in Pasadena. I have talked with Leroy and Bob over the years about this Tiki, they mentioned it was carved by Oceanic Arts in 1960-61. I'd love to talk with them again to see if they would authenticate it with a certificate at some point.

I have over 300 mugs, but am still wanting to collect at least 20 vintage. Anyway, see you all in the forums soon!

Mahalo for reading!