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Greets from South Florida. My name is Chris, I've been somewhat into tiki and Exotica since the early 2000s. Attended a few Hukilau's here and there, and collected a few mugs and other Polypop things. Spent some time on TC, mostly in the early 2ks.

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Aloha Chris!
Good to see you here! I've been a member here a very short time, but enjoying it. Do you have any Tiki bar decoration going on at your place? I miss Tiki Central also, but it looks like that is a permanent situation. It's ok, we are ohana here. Welcome!
Hey Jim, no Tiki bar as of yet. That was my plan when I joined TC back when, but life got in the way. Instead of a tiki bar I planted a tropical tiki jungle in my yard with bamboo and palms and frangipani and other tropical plants.

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