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Any Ukulele Players Out There?

Tiki Dude

Active member
Apologies if this is in the wrong section. Tiki kind of goes with ukulele playing... like mugs go with Tiki. Haha Are there any uke players out there?
Tiki Dude, yes, you may post about Uke's in this area!

I just started playing about a month ago. Learning a few chords. I was never able to play the guitar, this seems to be easier, less strings! lol
I bought myself a uke a few years back. The plan is to retire, sit on the beach or by the pool ... or both ... and learn a few chords while drinking rum.

... ya gotta have goals!
Recently picked up this Kala ebony ukulele from The Ukulele Site (best place to purchase ukes).

Very nice! Is that a concert uke, or a soprano? I checked out The Ukulele Site, oh my! Some of those can get a little pricey. -but gorgeous instruments!

Cat Ukelele GIF