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Christmas Tiki!

Ukulele Jim

Well-known member
Let's hear what you're listening to as we get closer to Christmas. Tiki Santa!

When I was little (back in the days of black & white) my favorite song to listen to was The Marvelous Toy by The Chad Mitchell Trio. Dad brought home the 45rpm record and we would listen to it constantly. It got a chip on the edge one day, but we would just set the needle down after the gap and listen anyway. Then every Christmas we would get it out and play it together. Before my dad died, I found Chad Mitchell's address and wrote to him, asking if he would sign the record for me so I could mount it and give it to my dad for Christmas. He not only said he would, but he would personally get it to the other members (Mike Kobluk and Joe Frazier) to sign as well. He did. Best Christmas gift I ever gave my dad.

record small.jpg

So every year I listen to the digital version (time marches on!) and drink a Southern Comfort; my dad's favorite.
It’s vintage, but not per se “tiki”. I suppose it’s just as tiki as Marilyn in Some Like It Hot, posted above.


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