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Day 129. Kitty Kat Swizzles

One of the fun collectible items in the Tiki world are swizzle sticks. Designed to stir your cocktail, these decorative beauties are little works of art. I have these from bars and restaurants all over the world. I also enjoy these Kitty Kat swizzles by Kymm! Bang, an artist I featured earlier this week. Her cat-shaped swizzle sticks come in many colors, and I love featuring the ones for Halloween, Christmas and Hanukkah right on my bar in the Tiki Lounge. Mahalo, Kymm!, meow.

Nice! Those kitty-cats look deliciously evil with their horn-like ears! Love it!

I was lucky enough to visit many classic Las Vegas casinos in the early eighties, just before they were torn down, and managed to bring home a nice collection of swizzle sticks before they went extinct. I'll have to try to dig them up and get some photos to post.