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Day 189. Johnny Aloha Lavapalooza

Continuing with vinyl, here’s a modern record I just got. Johnny Aloha is the Tiki lounge singer alter ego of Richard Cheese, an LA comedian and musician. He released the album Lavapalooza a few years ago, and I got the digital download of it. This is a collection of lounge versions of pop and rap songs, like Gangster’s Paradise and Paradise City. It’s fun music! Recently, my friends Beth Lennon and Cliff Hillis gifted me the special edition orange vinyl version, which features a larger version of the SHAG cover art. Mahalo, Mod Betty and Pop Star!

With an old viewmaster reel in the middle? How cool is that? I see those things at garage sales pretty often. Go figure... I love the artwork.
This is awesome! The entire album is on YouTube, too.

I've been a big fan of Richard Cheese since back when he was using his real name (Mark Jonathan Davis), hearing him frequently on Dr. Demento. But this is the first I've heard of his Tiki work. Thanks!