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Day 195. Where Here Meets There

Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica is a 23-piece ensemble led by Brian O’Neill a/k/a Mr. Ho. Their claim to fame was in transcribing and resurrecting the Space Age Bachelor Pad music of Esquivel back after the turn of this century. In 2013, Mr. Ho decided to strip down his group to a quartet and release a jazz album, Where Here Meets There. Although I had gotten his Esquivel recordings on CD, I decided to get this one on vinyl. It’s a cool red vinyl disc that looks and sounds great. Bravo, Mr. Ho!

I wasn't familiar with this artist, but was intrigued enough to do a search at YouTube. They have quite a presence, and a very retro-modern sound! It sounds like music that George Jetson (and Jane, his wife) would dance to while their robot maid cleaned their flat.