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Day 292. Aloha, Baby!

I’ve been obsessed with the term “Aloha, Baby!” for a long time. I say it to people all of the time and only recently realized that it originated in a Hawaii Five-0 episode titled Samurai. I also bought an album from The Tikiyaki Orchestra named Aloha, Baby! a few years ago and really enjoy it. When I saw they released a version on vinyl, I grabbed it. Now I have it framed and hanging next to my definition of Aloha picture in the Tiki Lounge. This makes me happy.

Another thing I always remember from 5-0 is that after they showed previews of the next week's episode, you would hear Jack Lord saying, "Be there. Aloha!"

A buddy of mine (another huge fan) and I would use that phrase all the time, especially when making plans. As in "See you at Carmine's at 7 pm?" ... "Be there, Aloha!"