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Day 331. Yard Sale Tiki Mugs

Every once in a while, my friends find Tiki stuff for me out in the wild. I’ve documented this phenomenon in my post Owning Tiki. Here’s another great example by a multiple offender, Bob Krieger. Bob found these 3 nondescript Tiki mugs for me at a yard sale, which he frequents. It turns out, upon further inspection, that one of them wasn’t so generic. It’s from The Mai-Kai! You never know what you’ll find out there. Mahalo, Bob!

I think Garage sales and Goodwill type stores are underestimated, you can find a lot of amazing Tiki stuff there! I have a friend who finds amazing pictures of polynesian landscapes.
Excellent find! We have mostly given up on garage sales--far too much signal-to-noise to be worth our time except in special circumstances (community-wide garage sales usually have enough in close proximity to make it viable). I agree on thrift stores--found a fantastic Witco hanging wall planter (!) during a brief stop at a Goodwill in Tucson whilst passing through a couple of years ago. If nothing else, they're usually good for a nice vintage album or two. What The Wife and I have discovered as the most productive is visiting estate sales, the more cluttered the better. Even in Central Texas, never a hotbed of tiki culture, we've found such diverse treasures as Hawaiian souvenirs, giant clam shells and even 14" glass fish floats that'd been half-buried and forgotten about in the back yard shrubbery. Crazy! (But I'm not complaining!)