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Day 56. Bombay Sapphire Martini Glasses

Today I finish my martini week with a look at some cool collectibles from over 20 years ago. Bombay Sapphire gin used to bundle a free martini glass with their bottle over the holidays. These glasses always featured a bit of sapphire blue color in their design. I collected a half-dozen of these beauties over the years, and these martini glasses still hang proudly from my main bar in the Tiki Lounge. My favorite was the glass with 6 blue marbles trapped between three aluminum stems as the base of the glass. It still is my go-to glass when I enjoy a gin martini. Okole maluna!

I've collected quite a few of the Bombay Sapphire holiday glasses myself. A few have even survived!

And I love that lampshade!
Mahalo Chicago Jake! I have that atomic sunburst pattern in a couple of different spots in my Tiki Lounge. Stay tuned…

P.S. - here’s the daily post I did featuring that lamp:

That lamp!

Oh My God Reaction GIF