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Day 67. Oceanic Arts - The Godfathers of Tiki

My newest book is Oceanic Arts - The Godfathers of Tiki by Jordan Reichek of Peekaboo Galleries. I had pre-ordered it last November, hoping to have it by Christmas, and it just arrived last week. It was worth the wait! This beautiful tome is a loving tribute to LeRoy Schmaltz and Bob Van Oosting, who started Oceanic Arts in 1956 and are retiring this year. I was fortunate to visit them at their Whittier CA shop back in 2013, at the start of our California Adventure. Bob and LeRoy’s place was amazing, and the stories they told were priceless. Now I can enjoy all of their stories in this new book. Thanks for the memories!

Mine arrived Saturday, and the auction catalog yesterday. I'm saying, that's a wealth of tiki history and reference between the two volumes.

And yes, Peekaboo's site still has them available for purchase. They did not limit the print run to only preorders. Once they're gone, tho, there's not likely to be a reprint.