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Day 68. Saint James Cellar Reserve

Late last year, thanks to Ernest Hemingway, I discovered Saint James Rhum Agricole from Martinique. This rum has become the key ingredient in my perfect Mai-Tai. Earlier this year I heard that Lost Lake in Chicago was hosting a special event featuring a new rum, Saint James Cellar Reserve. My coworker and friend, Yadira Pabon, agreed to drive the short distance from her home to Lost Lake and pick up a bottle for me. She then shipped it to me, including two special snifters that came with the package. What a revelation! This rum was aged in American whiskey barrels, and tastes like a combination of good rum and Woodford Reserve. Mahalo, Yaya, I toast to your kindness whenever I sip this fine Martinique rum!

And here is the inspiration for my discovery of Saint James Rhum Agricole from Martinique:


You can see the top half of this framed quote peeking out from behind the bar in my Tiki Lounge.