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Day 86. Mid-Century Modern Cabinet

When I first set up my home theatre in the Tiki Lounge back in 2006, I had a cheap old bookcase holding my center channel speaker. It was falling apart and looked like ****! I started looking for something new right away. At first I tried to find one of those vintage stereo/tv cabinets, but they were all really expensive and too tall. I needed something with a center opening and a low profile, so it wouldn’t block the screen. Fortunately, I found this beauty on Wayfair. It was exactly what I was looking for: a modern cabinet with a MCM flair, that didn’t break the bank, and was easy to assemble. It fits in perfectly here, dontcha think?

I find it interesting that one can used MCM as the abbreviation for Mid Century Modern, when MCM is also the Roman Numerals expression for 1900! The exact same century referred to in Mid Century Modern.

Or am I reading too much into this? :)