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Day 92. Sputnik Light

There are few light fixtures that scream Mid-Century Modern as loud as the classic Sputnik light. Named for the Soviet satellite first launched into space in 1957, this chandelier resembles that humble little ball that launched the space race. I knew I had to have one for my Tiki Lounge! First I looked at vintage versions, but they were really expensive. Imagine my surprise when I found one at Lowe’s, brand new. This beauty now hangs proudly over my game table next to the bar.

Funny story. When I brought this beauty home, it came with 18 incandescent Edison bulbs. Those babies made our electric meter hum and were too darned hot! The first time we played cards under this light, we were reduced to strip poker, shedding clothes to stay cool. Something had to give. I ended up finding LED versions of these retro-style Edison bulbs, and have replaced the bottom 9 bulbs so far. These new bulbs are expensive, but they’re much more energy efficient and cool.