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Home Did Disney take the Shrunken Zombie Head off the menu at Trader Sams?

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He said it was done when during the last big scene changed. When they removed Trader Sam trading 2 of his heads for one of yours and replaced it with a gift shop. Anyway just curious. I guess I'll have to go there and find out!
From what I've seen with menu photo comparisons and whatnot, the "Shrunken Zombie Head" is simply renamed "Zombie" and the drink recipe looks the same! They just changed the drink name and menu description of "Bacardi 8yr" name to "Barcardi Reserve Ocho".
Great news! Thank you for letting us know. Do you get to visit often? I only get out that way about once per year.
Great news! Thank you for letting us know. Do you get to visit often? I only get out that way about once per year.
Yeah, I’m usually able to get down there every couple months. The server said they just got a new color for the zombie mug, as well as some others, so I don’t think they’re getting rid of it anytime soon. Glad, I could help.
I have a small window of time over the next few days to swing by the Disney World location. So Unless the waitlist sucks, I'll confirm in person and see if the mug itself is even used any more.

For what it's worth, it's off the official menu page:

:mad: Disney's getting so flipping lame. :mad:
I'm glad that the zombie ( head ) is still on the menu. I was freaking out bc Imo it's one of the tiki mugs that defines the bar. I thought that if they took it off ot was the beginning of the end for TS. In the video he said the drink recipe was removed and the name was changed. But I'm happy it's still there!
At WDW, the Zombie is still on the menu, still served in a shrunken head, and with the same sound and light show.

The east coast Trader Sam's is still a great place to sit and enjoy, but has anybody heard any comments about recipes possibly changing, or maybe about changes in some of the alcohol and mixers?

The Hippp-poto-mai-tai didn't taste right at all and definitely wasn't the mai tai I've enjoyed there over the past few years. (Caveat - I had that one out at the Trader Sam's Tiki Terrace while waiting for a seat inside the Grog Grotto. But I've had many, many mai tais at their terrace and inside, and the terrace's version has never been appreciably different other than being served in a plastic cup. This year it was really heavy on the curacao and had a very off, almost Americna Fanta-ish artificial orange flavor.)

In the Grog Grotto itself, the Krakatoa Punch was pretty abyssmal and definitely not what I've had there in the past. And competing with the mai tai, this was one of the cocktails I've had the most over there. This visit it was way too cloying, and far heavier on spice. Don't know if their gorilla grog mix changed, but this cocktail tasted like falernum on steroids with some new and dominant flavor mixed with a lot of simple syrup. It was actually undrinkable.

For science, I ordered a third drink, the Spiced Island. It was very good and tasted like it had in the past.

The bartenders were ones I've had before, too.