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Edit Post?


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It's probably right in front of my eyes, but how do you edit a post after you've posted it?
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We have editing of posts/threads limited by time. Currently it's set to 30 minutes. It is setup that way to preserve the integrity of the thread. For instance, you will see some forums where an original post asks a question, it gets a handful of replies, then the original poster goes back in and replaces the question with "solved" or "nevermind"... we wanted to prevent that. The edit link will show under your post in the lower left corner when available.

If you need something tweaked just send me a private message, (start conversation) and I would be happy to edit your post.

Just testing a post 🥸

Recipe: The real Royal Hawaiian Lapu Lapu recipe
cats big boy

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Posted: 2006-06-10 11:16 am Permalink

None of the other posted recipes for the Lapu Lapu are even close. Here it is:

A brandy sniffer of shaved ice. It won't taste the same without shaved ice.

A splash of simple syrup. (available at "Smart and Final")

A splash of orgeat syrup. (also available at "Smart and Final")
This is what gives it that Almond flavor. Amaretto is a nice substitution.

A splash of passion fruit syrup. This is what makes it different from a Mai Tai. (Usually available at "Smart and Final")

Two shots of light rum.

A mixture of 60% pineapple juice and 40% orange juice. (instead of orange juice, try tangerine "Naked Juice" from Trader Joe's)

A floater of dark rum. "Myers" dark rum is not dark enough. Use "Whaler's" (available at Trader Joe's) or "Trader Vic's" dark rum.

Cheers. Aloha.

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