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Exotica Moderne #7


Staff member
Exotica Moderne #7 Pre Sale

$8.00 - $11.00

We figured at this point, all tiki, exotica and lounge aficionados could use a bit of sunshine in their lives, no matter where you live.

Starting off with feature artist Susannah “Atomikitty” Mosher, who’s work also graces the cover, we’re also featuring the mid-mod, UPA-inspired work of Texas-based Nathanael Smith.

Justin R. Cristaldi visits with Anton Kinloch of Fuschia Tiki Bar and Tiki With Ray’s Ray Wyland stops in at the Pacific Northwest’s McMenamins, with a trio of establishments.

And since we’re most certainly missing all of the great events right now, Kari Hendler spotlights one of the best Tiki event anywhere - Tiki Caliente! And, with this being Munktiki’s 20th year of producing some of the best tiki mugs in the scene, we’re happy to feature them as well.

Editor Jay Mize takes a “Closer Look” at the Jungle Bote tiki mug, designed by Tiki Tony and produced by Tiki Diablo.

As we’re now mostly cooking at home, what better time to whip up a great meal and a cocktail, as Tiki Lindy pays homage to May, 9th, 1945, otherwise known as Victory Day.

Aric “TikiKitchen” Harris interviews Mattias Uneback of Íxtuahele during a recent visit to Indianapolis, plus we'll have our usual music and book reviews and more!

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