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Facebook Group Purists

Dr. Johnny Fever

Well-known member
Anybody here belong to any tiki facebook groups? I joined one where the tiki loons hang out. You can't talk about anything off topic, god forbid you post a pic of anything that isn't 100% tiki. (in their minds) The admins openly admit to deleting many post daily. I think they must be goose stepping around in their tiki bars. Whack-A-Doodles!

I like all things tiki. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I'll be leaving that group shortly.
Dr Johnny Fever, it sounds like that group you joined wasn't really a good match for you. Don't feel bad, just leave it and look for another, trust me there are many, many to choose from. I belong to at least 4. One is very serious with many posting guidelines. I knew that when joining and am respectful of the house rules. The others are more relaxed. You can post almost anything.

Tiki is diverse, and depending on your age, where you grew up, and your culture it's going to be different from other folks. That's ok, enjoy your choices and decorate your Tiki bar the way YOU like. Mahalo for posting!
I'm not a huge facebook fan. -just saying.

It looks like there have been at least 2 groups with over-reaching admins. Too funny. (and too much drama) Lots of people left the one group, with chat about creating their own, My new nickname for the admin is "Tazi's" that is Tiki Nazis.

Have been totally social media, and broadcast television (cable, antenna, sat) for over 1.5 years. Ripped the sat dish down 8 years ago, and spent the 4 weeks properly erasing my facebook account, a year and a half ago. I have since spent all that wasted time, creating something. Much better as a stress reliever and just wait til I show you what I created. lol.
Ive tried one other tiki club, but after 8 months of not being allowed to be a member, while posting regularly, attending club events, reaching out to members, talking with people, I finally asked what the hell was up and why I wasnt a full member yet. I started getting crap replys like, "did you reach out to people", "did you engage with members of the club", "things around here run on island time, dont worry about it" not what I would call a warm island welcome.
I finally decided that any club that was this difficult to join wasnt for me. Tiki is supposed to be fun. That was anything but. It constantly seemed like the goal of the club, was to see who could out do one another. So finally, I logged off and never looked back.
Its been about 6 months and Ive checked out this site and another one, during that time, before finally deciding to land here. So far so good. Its not quite as large as the other group, but the vibe is 10 times better and not a hint of negativity. I like that.
Faceplant and Twatter will be the downfall of western civilization, but Tiki Forums appears to be an oasis of cocktail dreams and island wishes. If you dont mind, I think Ill grab a spot at the bar.........

We're glad you are here! Not as much traffic as we'd like, but we get a few new members every now and then.

I agree with you on the FB issues, I have been a member of 3 Tiki groups for over a year and posted zero messages. Too many haters. Some poor soul will ask a question and the flood gates open for negativity. We try to keep thing positive over here. Everyone has their own style, and we should all be tolerant of that.