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Fassionola, the missing elixir of life?


Staff member
Have you ever heard of fassionola ? It was invented around 1930 and used in Tiki drinks of the time. It has been suggested that Donn Beach (Don the Beachcomber) created it, but no documentation has supported that. The only other source of this mythical syrup was the Jonathan English Company, now closed. Based on older bottles of fassionola that have been located and tasted, it is said that the taste is similar to that of a passion fruit syrup. With the resurgence of Tiki drinks in the last few years and attempts to obtain original recipes, most bartenders will create their own version of fassionola. So, the next time you are making a Cobra's Fang, remember you may get close to the original recipe but there will always be that missing original fassionola component.
I have never heard of this but am now interested in learning more. Or trying it! The history of tiki drinks would be a good book to write.
So I made a version of it last night. I used juice's and strawberry syrup. The thought of mixing all those as syrup didn't sound good to me. And didn't feel like trying to make a strawberry juice so that was the only one I bought as a syrup. It was ok. Very sweet. After all the work I almost feel like I could have bought a fruit punch of some kind and gotten almost the same result
So the drink I made was the banana life. It was also so so. I'm going to try the drink again and drop the grapefruit because I felt it over powered the banana. I could barely taste it. It was a good drink. I just think for my taste it needs a few modifications.
Mileage may very. I did a little more than these 1/4 and 1/2oz shots of the ingredients cause if you follow the recipe in like two sips of your drink it's finished but I wanted to get rolling on the flavor. Like I said I liked the drink, even with the grapefruit. But I also would like something with a little more banana flavor. Oh well we'll see tonight. I suggest everyone try this tonight and let's discuss...