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Formal ware for the distinguished tikiphile

Johnny Tsunami

Well-known member
I was moving some things around The Rapa Nui Ranch the other day, prepping for our next room conversion, and when we dug into the closet, I came across this gem.
This stunning piece of formal wear, is called The Tropitux Deluxe. I had it made for me about 10 years ago, by a couple out of Michigan who used to own a formal wear store. They closed the business, but still had a large inventory. So they started customizing tuxedos, and selling them on ebay.
I didnt see anything I cared for, so I wrote them to see if they could put something together for me. They told me to send them the fabric and they would see what they could do.
I did some searching, found what i wanted, sent it to them, and voila, The Tropitux Deluxe was born.
I just went and checked, and sure enough, they are still in business. I dont know if they still do custom work, but I can vouch for the quality of their work. It came out stunning.
If Im not mistaken the tux, shorts, cummerbund, and bow tie ran about 250. I couldnt give them my money fast enough. lol
If by some chance your are interested, they still have a store on ebay called "Pats Colorful Tuxedos". They have several designs pre made, and like I said, I dont know if they still do custom work, its been 10 years, but hey, if you ask real nice.............lol. Hers a link for anyone interested. https://www.ebay.com/str/patscolorfultuxedos

This is the best... thing... ever! I have to ask, does it still fit after 10 years? ;)
This is the best... thing... ever! I have to ask, does it still fit after 10 years? ;)
Kiiiiiiiiinda. lol. The jacket doesnt button so that gives a little wiggle room, and like all good rental tuxedos, the shorts conveniently adjust to 12 different sizes, so theres no such thing as too much Kalua pork and too many Mai Tais. lol.
bahahah! Too funny!

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Damn, how could I forget, theres also a handsome ivory skimmer, trimmed out in matching material, Miami Vice pink neon, and our good buddy Kimo the Krustation.

Oh yeah, and then theres the shoes.
They did such a good job, I couldnt stop at just one, so, since you cant wear white after labor day, the following year, I had them make me a version for black tie events, and finally a leopard version for that's suitable for almost any occasion. (Except for maybe a school board meeting or a minor court appearance.) lol.

I give it a thumbs up! Anything with Tiki on it I'm pretty much a fan of.


Mahalo for the post!