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Hawaiian Mai Tai Contest


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I’m leaving Wednesday for 11 days in Hawaii (June 8-18). We’ll be at Aulani for one night, then in Waikiki for five nights, then in Kauai for four nights.

The contest is simple: guess how many Mai Tais I’ll drink while I’m in Hawaii or while in transit in the air.

Any cocktail with “Mai Tai” on a menu or packaging counts, as does any cocktail handed to me when I ask a bartender for a “Mai Tai.” RTD Mai Tais count as one per can or bottle. If I order but don’t finish the Mai Tai it still counts.


Participate in the Contest on Instagram

  1. Enter your guess for my Mai Tai total in the comments. Round numbers only.
  2. @ mention two accounts
  3. One entry per person
Deadline for entries: 7 am PDT on Wednesday June 8.

Winner gets prize pack from Hawaii including swizzles and swag collected on the trip. Plus bragging rights. Shipping overseas is okay.

  • In the event of a tie we’ll split the prizes
  • In the event of no correct guess we’ll choose the next closest entry (higher or lower)
Need help guessing?
Should we post predictions here or on one of your instagram feeds?

I say 31 Mai Tais.
Round numbers only? I was going to say 15 1/2

Spit Take Lol GIF