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Hello all

I've always liked the Tiki look and sound. Grew up in SoCal and transplanted to Georgia. Yeah ... I kind of stick out. Love mixing cocktails and listening to Polynesian music. One day I'll make my ideal home bar ... I even created a mock-up. But that's in the future. For now we enjoy our Florida condo from time-to-time, and are trying to make it to retirement. Then y'all need to buy stock in rum futures!


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Always nice to have ohana stop by! I've converted a few of the neighbors into drinking tiki drinks and cranking up a few spotify playlists! I think Tiki is becoming very popular. (once again)

Aloha, Amazing tiki is sprinkled all across this great nation, in some of the most unusual places. Theres no reason Georgia cant have Mai Tai's with their Magnolias. lol. Thanks for helping keep the vibe alive. Welcome to our little internet oasis.
"The day isint done, til Ive had me rum".


Dunno where you are in GA, but I think the Trader Vic's in Atlanta is still open.

And the guy who was producing the Tiki Show videos on Youtube is GA-based so there are at least two tikiphiles in the state. He had one video months ago where he explored an in-tact 1970s nautical bar - basically a whole ship stuffed away underground somewhere:
You might like watching that.


I love the Tiki Show!!!

That is awesome! Thank you for the link! And who can not like a galleon in the basement turned into a bar?
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