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Hello All


New member
Earlier today I found this forum and joined up. I came to Tiki drinks only recently after more or less stumbling into them. About a year ago I bought, for no particular reason, Smuggler's Cove by Martin Cate. It got buried on the back of a bookshelf and forgotten. I was trying to fight lockdown boredom when I found it several weeks ago and started leafing through it. One thing led to another and, long story short, I now have a shelf full of rum and about a thousand other ingredients I know almost nothing about along with a lot of barware and an industrial size drink mixer (the wife thinks it was maybe a little overkill on that one but it also does great miklshakes). I'm starting to work my way through some recipes from the book, the internet, etc. Poking around in this forum, it looks like it is relatively new and just the sort of thing I was looking for: a fun place where everyone can lighten up just a little bit. I look forward to exchanging a lot of information and maybe getting to know some people. Bottoms up!
Welcome Clusterbuster!

We're glad to found us! This forum has been around for about a year, with numbers slowly growing. We like to think it's a good alternative to Facebook. Your Smuggler's Cove book purchase was an excellent choice! It's great reading!

I hope some of our other regulars chime in, but let me be the first to say welcome!