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Help me out here....

Johnny Tsunami

Well-known member
Putting the finishing touches on the ranch, before our open house this weekend.
Hanging pictures, and tending to details. Here is where I need help.
Im hanging the Oceanic Arts flyer I got when I was there. I have to choose, which side to display.
In the first choice, is the inside of the flyer. It has the most artwork, and information, but nothing to identify it.
The second choice, does not have as much artwork, but it shows that the flyer is from Oceanic Arts.
Im torn on which side to display, so help me out on this one. Whaddaya think???
I vote for the first one. Although it is missing the name, the pages look fuller.

Nice score!

Ok, the verdict is in. All art wins.
This was the way I originally framed it, so I wont have to change anything, but from looking at the pictures. Im going to try and flatten it a bit more, before it goes up on the wall. It would have been nice to have a name on the art side, but I think you lose to much, on the other side, so art wins. Thanks for the help. Aloha!
Can you find a really good color copier and make copies of both sides? The copier will also help to flatten it out.