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Home Holiday update from The Rapa Nui Ranch

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Johnny Tsunami

Well-known member
Aloha from The Rapa Nui Ranch.
It was a busy summer here at the ranch, and as we turn our attention inside, with the temperatures dropping, here's a quick update of our current status as we enter the final 8 months of our 5 year project.
Since our last visit, we have.....
Built a sidewalk....

installed a pea gravel patio. The unfinished portion, in the upper right is where Im building a pondless waterfall, as soon as the weather breaks in the spring.

We stained a deck.

Finally we are prepping the final room of our whole house conversion.
The wall in the picture, will be covered with 1 inch, mahogany bamboo poles, back lit from behind with l.e.d. light.
(The post to the right was carved by Bosko).

Once the bamboo is up, we will cover the entire room and hallway, with this epic tiki animal print carpet.

As things warm up in the spring, and all the major projects are over, we have about 2 months of decorating.
Inside, we have over 30 pieces of art that need to go up. Lamps, carvings, photos.
Outside we have posts to wrap in nautical rope. A fire pit, a water fall, solar lighting, plant life, torches, and an audio system.
Finally a one month staging, to tweek and fine tune all the details, for our open house.

We will be back next year, with an update on our current mini project....The Wayneoasis
Til then, happy holidays and, Aloha, from The Rapa Nui Ranch.....................we put the art, in party!
Nicely done! Happy Holidays!

summer beach GIF by Suavecito