Imaginary Movies by Edward Givens


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Nov 25, 2022
Portland OR
Here's a new album that's got an Exotica vibe.
Imaginary Movies - it's influenced by Latin jazz and space age lounge music, b-movies, spy movies, "noire" and mid 20th century popular fiction.(pulp fiction) There are swanky horns, hipster beats, and twangy Bond-style guitars along with eerie theremin.
Think of it as a vinyl record with a side 1, and a side 2. Just put it on the HiFi, relax on the Davenport, and go on an adventure
- in your innermost mind. This is the soundtrack that will take you there. Headphones recommended. It's a double feature:
Dancing at the Fountain -
A little romantic, a little ghostly, a little exotic too.
Dr. Telepathik (episode 1, the Distant Diva) -
Spies and surf boards, a car chase, a mad scientist, and a faraway siren song.

It's It's classy, melodious and fun . please check it out!

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