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Introducing......... The Tsunami Bag

Johnny Tsunami

Well-known member
Earthquakes, tornados, EMP, Bird flu, Nuclear annihilation. When the SHTF, its time to grab your bug-out bag and head for the bunker.
But what if your sitting on the beach, at your favorite tiki bar, enjoying a tasty Mai Tai, and the tidal wave alarm goes off?
Well first, tip your bartender, then follow the evacuation route to higher ground, but before you go, dont forget to grab......
The Tsunami Bag, is a portable tiki bar, serving icy cold cocktails and shots, for 2 to 4 people, even after sitting at room temperature for 12 hours.
Heres how we did it...........

We start with an average, everyday, soft sided cooler, then add a high density, styrofoam cooler, inside of it. Its the kind that they mail medication in. We packed it full, with Opal ice nuggets, and lost less than 10 percent of the ice, after 12 hours. Its plenty of ice to service all of the cocktails in the kit, plus a little extra.

For the cocktails, (we are serving Iguana Coladas, 3 rums, tropical mix, and blue carousel, with POG) they will be held in 2, 40oz. Corkcicle thermal canteens. This provides 4, 10oz. tiki cocktails for 2 people or 2 drinks for 4.
Premix the drinks, put the canteens in the freezer 24 hours before packing, and the liquid will come out icy cold even after 12 hours in the cooler at room temp. Add to ice and shake in shaker 10 to 15 seconds, then pour out a perfectly mixed, frosty tiki cocktail, add garnish, and enjoy.

For the shots, (we are serving Teenage Mutant Turtle shots. Midori, Malibu, Pineapple) they are held in a 25oz. Corkcicle canteen. This will provide 6, 2oz. shots for 2 people or 3 for 4.
Premix the shots, and pour them out, frosty cold 12 hours later.

On the other side of the big, we have 4, 12oz, tropical print, Corkcicle mugs. They keep the drinks ice cold from start to finish, with very little ice melt, diluting your drink.

For mixing, we include a shaker, Jigger, and some silicone mixing cups.

There are 2 velcro strips on top of the cooler, the hook up with the velco strips attached to 2 thin, ice packs. The ice pack have velco on both sides. On top of the ice packs, we velcro 2 plastic containers, to hold all of your garnish. (pineapple, cherries, lime wedges ect.
On to of the garnish containers, we velco another 2 ice packs. This will keep your garnish cold and fresh, even after 12 hours.

On the outside of the bag we have 4 storage areas. The back contains a mixing and serving mat. It keeps your mixing area dry and clean and provides an area for salting, or sugaring the rim of your glass.

On the side pockets, we have 4 bar towels. They keep things clean, and when your done drinking, just stuff the towels inside the dirty mugs the keep everything contained until you get home and clean the drinkware. In the front pocket are 4 silicone drink coasters.

In the front storage area, we have 4, tiki shot glasses, a fruit knife, and a bamboo cutting board.

On the other side, storage area, we have an entertainment package, that includes dice, and a dice box, waterproof playing cards, and a collapsible dice cup.
THE TSUNAMI BAG.... portable, travelling tiki bar.
After packing, everything stays ice cold, even after 12 hours. (have not tested it in a hot car trunk yet, but hopes are high)
There is everything you need for prep, clean up, and entertainment. Great for picnics, road trips, and tailgating.
A total of 8, 10oz tiki drinks, including garnish, and 12, 2oz tiki shots.

When its time to head for high ground, keep the party rolling, with THE TSUNAMI BAG!