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Its bigger on the inside, than on the outside.

Johnny Tsunami

New member
Ok, I figured the "Home Tiki Bars" forum would be a good place for this, even though its actually a Tiki Bar Home. Being less than a year away from completion, Ive decided to start gathering all the media from this project, and put it together in some kind of an order. This way, when someone wants to know about it, I can just send them a copy of the media package, instead of typing this out, all over again, each time someone inquires.
Basically, this is going to be a collection of photos, tracing the path my girlfriend and I have been on for the last 4 years, in our quest to turn our entire home into a tiki paradise, one room at a time. If you have any questions, about any of the items we have used, let me know. Ive tried to keep info on the sources of most of them.
Each room has a different theme and name, so I will post a new thread for each room.
With that, I will start with the introduction and then my next post will be the first room. Here we go.......

Nestled, into the deep fringes of The Bal Hinch, lies 2000 sq. ft. of non descript, ranch style, middle American housing. From the outside, the vinyl clad, metal roofed, domicile, appears very similar to several other dwellings scattered across the Hoosier countryside. The only thing oddly out of place, is a simple, six inch, sliver, palm tree door knocker, located in the center of simple white front door. A couple of quick taps, summons the occupants within, and suddenly you are welcomed into a magical space, that is bigger on the inside, than it is on the outside. As you enter, you step back to a time of far away jungles and lost islands. You are surround by the tropics, as each room, transports you to a different, distinct paradise. Sun, sand, and surf. Swaying palms, bamboo, dark wood, and lush tropical foliage, lure you away, to a fantasy world\ as big as the Indiana countryside that surrounds it.
Welcome to........ The Rapa Nui Ranch

4 years ago, I had a decision to make. Move to Las Vegas, get a job, and adjust to city living, or stay here in the friendly confines of the Bal Hinch, quit my job, and transform my somewhat normal home, into a somewhat unconventional, retirement home. I waved bye bye to sin city, and chose the tranquil surroundings of a 2 square mile unincorporated area, known as, The Bal Hinch. This is where I would make my fantasy, a reality.
The first thing most people say is, "how in the world are you ever going to sell that",? Well who said anything about selling? Why buy a gnarly time share or a spot at the retirement village, when you can just turn your house into one? You can do that right? Right? Well of course you can. Who says you cant build a tropical paradise in the middle of Indiana? Trust me, once you walk through the front door, corn is the last thing on your mind.
With that, I invite you to come along, as we tour the many atmospheres of The Rapa Nui Ranch. Each one, its own amazing environment. Each one, with its own specific theme. Each one, an integral part of The Rapa Nui Ranch universe.

So kick off your shoes, grab a bottle or rum, and join us, as we set out for, The Rapa Nui Ranch. Watch out for wild animals, restless natives, and please, stay on the path.......

Up ahead is our first stop. Welcome to................... THE JUNGLE ROOM................ palm.jpg