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Layered Drinks

Chicago Jake

Well-known member
Anyone have experience with "layered" (aka "stacked") cocktails? One popular one in Jamaica is the Flaming Bob Marley which has green, yellow, and red layers (top to bottom) and is lit on fire before chugging!

There is a wikipedia page but it is pretty sparse. Apparently it is best done with liquids that have dissimilar densities to discourage mixing.

I especially want to make an orange and blue drink in honor of my alma mater (go Illini!!). Anyway, looking for first-hand tips from anyone. Thanks!
The only layered drink I have ever done is a black and tan. One of our member bartenders should know the recipe you are asking for.
This one sounds interesting. Haven't tried it yet. From lovetoknow.com:

Jelly Donut​

This is a yummy shot to order at a bar, but it's also super easy to make at home. And it tastes shockingly like a raspberry jelly donut.



  1. Pour Chambord into a shot glass.
  2. Carefully pour RumChata over the back of a spoon to layer the shot.
It just so happens I have both of these in the ol' liquor cabinet. Lets see what happens.

It does taste like a jelly donut. lol.