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My favorites......

Johnny Tsunami

New member
I already have a collection of 1800 U.S. brewed, beer cans on the wall of my garage. I knew full well what would happen if I started collecting tiki mugs unabated. So...... I decided to collect mugs, from only the establishments that Ive had the pleasure of visiting and bending an elbow at. Here are some favorites.
My most favorite tiki bar of all time, has to be Frankies Tiki Room in Las Vegas. Chris the manager is a top notch guy and the place drips tiki. Small and unassuming on the outside, huge and amazing on the inside. Decorated by some of the tiki's heavy hitters, Frankies is the only tiki bar in the U.S. that is open 24 hours a day/365 days a week.
Once a year, over the past 11, Frankies puts out an anniversary mug designed by the likes of Crazy Al, Shag, Big Toe, and a whos who tiki royalty. I am very privileged, to be one of the few souls in the world, to possess the entire collection of anniversary mugs. The picture below is a year old, so it doesnt have #11, but here are the first 10.
Next is one of my favorites. A bar display for Sammy Hagar's chain of beach bars. It contains a miniature Marshall amp that actually works with a guitar or MP3 player, an l.e.d. lit base, a bottle of Sammy's rum, and a "Red Rocker" tiki mug, designed by Crazy Al Evans, and hand signed by his royal redness, himself. Cheers.

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