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National Dole Whip Day


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I guess this is a thing now, and the third Thursday of July will now be Dole Whip Day.

I normally groan at this sort of marketing stuff (except for the two Mai Tai Days, of course), but I'll happily add this to my annual calendar. 😋

For those without a soft serve maker and Dole Whip mix at home, or a Sweet Frog nearby, they now sell frozen cups of Dole Whip at groceries.
Even easier to get one now! Thanks! (y) (don't forget the rum float!)

Yum Yum Chefs Kiss GIF by Nick Jonas
Had an interesting mangonada twist on the Dole Whip float. Local bar (The Jungle Bird) did Dole Whip, mango juice, squeeze of lime, tajin, and chamoy. I was totally here for it.