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Commercial Not really a tiki bar, but we lost another relic from an older age: Wind Tiki in Webster, MA, destroyed by fire

commercial tiki bar


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In better days:

While the Wind Tiki was not really a tiki bar, it was a classic 1970s style Chinese restaurant that served "Polynesian dishes," tiki cocktails and was decorated with a bare minimum of tropical decor (fountains, large fish tanks, bamboo trim, and bamboo light fixtures). But it was cool in its own way, as something of a time capsule and a throwback that probably hadn't been significantly renovated since it opened. See below:


The cocktails were sweet, but did the job and set the mood. Their mai tais and scorpion bowls weren't the best, but were better than some tropical cocktails I've had at some tiki bars or Chinese restaurants. The food was a mix., but mostly good. Their char siu, Singapore noodles, and curries were really good.

I only got to eat there a few times, but it will be missed.
Very sad. We never made it out there. Offhand the closest to having that vibe in MA is Tiki Port in Hyannis, a great place. But gosh, Wind Tiki was a true and classic Time Machine.
I looked up photos of Tiki Port, and you aren't kidding. Very much the same 70s vibe, though Tiki Port looks a lot nicer. I guess it's a factor of just how many classic tiki bars are gone that I'm getting wistful when old school "tropical cocktail" Chinese restaurants disappear.

To update the thread:

  • Sounds like it was arson. Arson charges will be filed against an unnamed defendant today in the Dudley District Court
  • The restaurant owners and the property owners have jointly started a GoFundMe to provide assistance to the employees