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Not Tiki, but if you're in the DC/VA area and like Hawaiian grindz, hula, and music - Pāʻina on April 9th


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The only plate lunch place in the area is hosting a party on Saturday, 4/9, from 4-9 PM. Hosted by Momo & Poke along with Woodlawn Press Winery (home of POG wine and wine slushies). If you haven't been to the restaurant, it's good people and good food. And my source for real poke, Portuguese sausage, loco moco, and kalua pig. And sometimes saimin and laulau.

momo poke paina.jpg
If any northern VA people plan to visit, the parking map was released. I'm still not sure how this work with the other restaurants and stores in the shopping center since this'll be much bigger than the previous special events he's held.

momo poke paina parking.jpg