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Commercial Pontoon Boat Tiki Bar

commercial tiki bar


Hi All,

New to the forum and Tiki Bars.

I am based in the UK and work for a boat building company. We are participating in a local workboat show where we will be showcasing our products and displaying one of our boats. Due to the layout of the show and past experience we decided to build a hospitality barge moored next to our boat. The barge has a deck of 3x5.2 meters with a gazebo of 3x3 meters covering a semi formal meeting area.

An area of 2.2 x 3 m is left uncovered, initially I wanted to setup a Gin bar in the area, being the UK G&T in the summer is a staple. However, the concept of having some pirate in your captain mentality steered me to a more creative proposition, a Tiki Bar.

As part of our corporate hospitality, we used to frequent the London Trader’s Vics (RIP), remembering that and after a deep trawl of the internet the decision to make that area a Tiki Bar was taken.

As part of the design process a 1:32 model was constructed and several options explored. A canopy of 4 artificial palm trees was deemed too have and complicated and combination of tin roof, fake leaves and a camouflage net will be used.

The decorations will be a mix of purchased and manufactured items, I will go into details of the manufactured items. Our workshop has woodworking capabilities, CNC routing, 3D printing and laser engraving.

Some animated items will be fabricated from repurposed items and 3D downloads from the internet.

The following initial list of items will be fabricated:




Wall clock

Shell lamp

Purchased items:

Tiki masks

Bar stools

I am also considering building a robotic bar tender, time allowing.

No name yet has been chosen for the bar.

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Great concept! I would make at least 2 of those support poles tiki carved!

Keep us posted! I'm following along.

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Some progress made on the Tiki Bar.

As this is a side project I’m limited in time and resources. I know I chose the ‘commercial’ tab for this thread, but it is important to note that the drinks will be complementary, and the bar will work for 3 days only during the trade show.


Inspired by the restoration video of Lagoon of Mystery I decided to copy the Krypton bar. The was CNC cut from 18mm plywood and the front bit is 3mm HDPE sheet. There was screwup with the half bamboo I ordered so the bamboo cladding is done using round pole held by pegs top and bottom. Pegs are cut from a broom stick and shaped to fit.

Top slab is a locally sources Cedar slab 75mm thick which I will mill down to 50mm. The Tiki in the middle will probably have moving illuminated eyes.

The bar in the last shot is upside-down (the Tiki isn’t) I have ordered some Tapa cloth from Etsy for the middle portion.

The legs will be cut from HDPE and the whole bar needs to be bolted down to the deck of the barge.





Tiki Clock

Found a wall clock in a local charity shop. Added a wooden crown, stained it Ebony and sealed with a clear varnish. The clock face was made for artwork I downloaded and the mechanism I use has an hourly trigger. This will run an animated sequence in the lower pendulum compartment, probably the Disney drummer and a Hula girl both animated using a servo motor.

The gargoyle, hawk and artichoke were left over 3D prints I had, spray painted gold and glued to the top to complement the Ebony black.




Wall Tiki

I have downloaded the Brady Tiki from Thingiverse, 3D printed, painted and weathered.

The shield is CNC cut and laser engraved. Spear heads and spikes are 3D printed and the background is an Ikea placemat.

Yes, I am going to have a small symbolic roof over the bar, it will be covered with PETG thatch I got from Amazon.