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Sandy Warner RIP

mike and marie

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Link to Obituary...

There is a long, illustrated recap of her album cover career on Groovy History. But be forewarned: for a site called "Groovy History," the actual content is an amazing drag! They have Sandy's album art, but they seem incredibly hostile to Tiki and everything it stands for. According to them, no one knows who Martin Denny is and the music is an "incredibly dated" genre that nobody remembers. Oh my gosh and the guy who wrote it lives in LA! Lol, poor guy, he must not get out much!
Are we sure she is dead? Wikipedia still lists her as alive. A quick Google search only finds one site listing her as dead, the one cited by the OP. I would think a month and a half later it would be more widely reported...

She was born the same year as my mother (who is still very much alive) not that that proves anything.

It's a mystery!!!!
Track her down, and then we can buy her a Mai Tai!

Although she's probably sick of discussing it, I'd love to here the story of her career.