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Scooby Doo Mug?


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Ok, before we begin, let me say for the record I do not consider this a "Tiki Mug" (even though they are marketed as such) I am a big Tiki fan, I just happen to also be a big Scooby Doo fan. (weird huh?) So I just happened upon this and had to share.

I would never display this in my bar, but I would own it. Thoughts?

If you are drinking from that in the basement with the lights out, then I say buy it!


Seriously though, we have many different types of collector's out there. Some are purists and some are into the "Geeki Tiki" style of mugs. I fall somewhere in between. I have to admit the Golden Girls Tiki mugs kind of 'jumped the shark" for me... but, different strokes for different folks! -Buy what you like, and like what you buy! Tiki is what you make it!

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That would be fun to have, but Zoinks! That price!

If GeekiTiki sold those mugs individually and bigger than those 2 ouncers, I would totally buy a Scooby mug for my daughter for her mocktails.