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Home The Howlie Hut.....(pt 2)

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Johnny Tsunami

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Happy Thanksgiving.........In our last report, we had just finished up installing the metal, jungle ceiling panels. Having your tiki bar look like a jungle is good, having it filled with insects like a jungle is not. To solve this problem, we installed and secondary, screened garage door. It pulls down and separates the flies, from your Mai Tai's. It even has a sliding walk through door, to keep outside exposure to a minimum.


We then added a new outdoor porch light, a new run of neon rope light around half the room, and new ceiling fans to keep the sultry summer air moving inside the bar.


One of the unforeseen advantages of having a metal ceiling, is the ability to easily hang just about anything you want with a magnet.
I had some storage area and shelves over by my fridge, that I wanted to hide. I solved this problem by purchasing extra long bamboo blinds. I hung the blinds using heavy magnets with hooks, stuck to the ceiling. I then unrolled the bamboo blinds and presto change-o, the shelves and tools disappeared.


One of the things I love about Frankies Tiki Room in Vegas, is the canopy they have hanging over their bar. It was a look I really wanted to replicate here. After doing some research, I found out that large construction grade, bamboo poles are expensive to buy and expensive to ship to the mid west, so I gave a picture to my contractors and told them what I was trying to achieve. This is what they built me.


So we bolted this thing to the ceiling.......

.....and we added some bamboo drop lighting at each seat.


We then draped the 2x4 frame with a layer of palm thatch.


The thatch covered canopy, while beautiful, restricted the air flow in the room a bit. To help the patrons sitting at the bar to be more comfortable, we upped our tropical breeze factor by installing, personal, rechargeable, multi speed fans over each drinking station. They even have built in lighting, in case you want to get a good look at that mysterious wahine sitting next to you.


Before we tackled our next big step behind the bar. We installed a tiki fountain feature, down the wall, on one side of the room. Filled with tikis, trickling water, foliage, and indirect lighting, it adds another level of sight and sound, to the tiki vibe of the bar.


That catches us up to where we currently are now.

In part 3
We will explore
How to hide
a 2x4

Stay tuned.

I love the canopy! Great job! The bar area has a very different look now. -and personal fans? Who knew?