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The Howlie Hut.....(pt 4)

Now, about that roll of bamboo, I was trying to figure out a way to hide more of the 2x4s in the canopy when I realized that the rolls of bamboo matting I had, were the same length as the main stretch of my bar. Maybe it could fit in the canopy. But how in the world was I going to get it up there?
Well, first I unrolled the entire length of the bamboo on the bar, then with some help, I rolled the bamboo up, long ways, like a big, ummmmm, cigarette, yeah, cigarette. I rolled it up, as small as I could get it, and zip tied the roll in place, the length of the bamboo roll.

I placed one end of the roll up, into the opening of the canopy, then used a ladder in place of another human, to hold up the roll as it was guided into place.

Carefully, I fed the roll into the canopy until the entire length was safely placed into the front of the over hang of the canopy. Now I had to figure out, what I was going to do with it, now that it was up there.

The bamboo was quite a bit wider than the canopy area it was going to be used in, so instead of laying it flat, I let it curve to compensate for it being wider. I tucked each side, into the corners of the 2x4s, and let its natural curve, create a domed area, in the canopy, above the barstools.
This worked out great, the front edge, slid into the pointed corner of the canopy, and the back edge, curved down and laid flat against the 2x4, upright. It created a beautiful dome shape, and hid almost all of the 2x4s, from anyone's view, sitting at the bar.

There was one problem though. the 2x4 upright, created a gap between the bamboo and the canopy cross member. That wont look right and must be dealt with.

I measured the space between the rafters, and cut a 2x4, the width of the space. On the front edge, I hot glued a piece of leopard skin, leaving most of it hang from the board.
I then placed the board in the gap between the bamboo and the canopy crossmember. I wrapped the leopard skin underneath the board, and the crossmember, and hot glued and clamped it on the backside of the bar canopy.

After removing the clamps, I hot glued the bamboo to the front of the leopard skin covered board, the entire length, to close the gap, and seal off the front of the canopy, and successfully hide all the uncovered 2x4x left, from the view of anyone sitting at the bar on the front side.

For the most part. the canopy is now done. We are going to add some shelves to the back side of the bar, somewhere down the road, and maybe highlight some of the canopy with some wood carving, but for now, that will have to wait.

There are 1800 beer cans that need to be unpacked and placed alphabetically on the walls of The Howlie Hut, so we can get the lounge open in time for the month of May, here in The Bal Hinch. As the temperatures and speeds rise over at IMS, the quaffing accelerates to a frenzied pace here at the hut. Your home, for the greatest spectacle in drinking.

Next up......... It all comes together......
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