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The Jungle Room.........

Johnny Tsunami

New member
THE JUNGLE ROOM (Master Bedroom)....... You have to have a good foundation. For that we decided to use 70s style, shag carpeting. Shag so deep, your toes disappear. Half the battle was finding it, the other half, finding someone to install it. I hear its a lost art.
For the walls, I found someone online, who could make me hand carved chair rail, for a decent price, then I paired it
with with chocolate bamboo paneling, and solid brass "bamboo" design outlet covers.

The bed is where you spend one third of your life. Seems like a pretty important place. So we went back to the 70s again, with a canopied, dark walnut, waterbed. We wrapped the pedestal in the same chocolate bamboo we used on the walls. We took the original mirrors out of the canopy and I covered them in a tropical foliage fabric and replaced the panels to give the canopy a jungle rainforest look. Some artificial vines are added to complete the look.
We turned it up a notch and added a little tech by installing a media projector in the headboard of the bed. Hanging at the foot, is a retractable movie screen. The system is hooked to a laptop computer filled with media and a 5.1 surround speaker system mounted into the frame of the bed, with the subwoofer underneath the headboard. Its a little something I like to call "SLUMBERVISION".
We added some bamboo, garden edging around the top to create a hidden space, then filled that space with soothing, red L.E.D. lighting. We also ran lighting around the chocolate bamboo on the pedestal of the bed. Both sets of lights are set to a motion sensor. When you wake up in the middle of the night to fix yourself a cocktail and your feet hit the floor, the lighting comes on to guide your way. When you come back, the lights go off 2 minutes after getting back in bed. Nothing ruins a good buzz like a stubbed toe.
To block out the cursed sunlight, we had chocolate bamboo drapes made to match the wall covering.
I can only attach 8 files, so the last few will be coming in part 2........

Johnny Tsunami

New member
Ok, lets see if I can use my own reply, to keep all the photos in the same post. Crossing fingers..........

In the corner we installed a water fountain with fake L.E.D. fireplace. Surrounded it with artificial foliage, and behind installed a red and green laser light, with rotating colors that shine up thru the leaves, onto the ceiling of the room. It also plays a very realistic soundtrack of crickets and frogs off in the distance. Some tropical artwork is added to the walls to finish the look.
The nightstand and dresser are also made from chocolate bamboo. I had pieces of glass made to fit the tops, then attached red L.E.D. lighting that clips on to the back of the glass and fills it with red light. There is also red light installed underneath, wash the floors with a red glow.
Add a tiki here and there with some red indirect lighting.


Johnny Tsunami

New member
The finished product is a tropical zone of tranquility, that melts the stress away at the end of a long day mixing Mai Tai"s.
Next up.................. THE WATER CLOSET..........


Staff member
All I can say is wow.... outstanding!

I love the chair rail. I've seen a lot of stuff smothered in varnish, yours has a nice clean look. Great job! 👏👏👏