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Johnny Tsunami

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I thought about this room for a long, long time. Once again, I was attempting to make a bold statement in a small space. Since there are usually only 2 or 3 things in a small bathroom, there's not much of an opportunity to be creative, so I decided to let the elements and colors do the talking. As you can see in these "before" pictures, those things didnt have much to say in the previous version.
We were always big on the themed room thing, so before it was the LAVAtory, it was The Zen Bathroom Celebrity Hall of Fame. To distract from the tons of harvest gold, we decided to cover the walls with autographed pictures of obscure celebrity's, such as Ron Jeremy, Patty Hearst, The Unknown Comic, Butterbean, Ginger, Mary Ann, Don Ho and the kid who played banjo in Deliverance. The whole room was made of Formica, fiberglass, and funk.

We started by ripping out the vanity, tub, closet, and an entire wall. Pretty much everything.

We decided to sacrifice the closet, and that beautiful fiberglass tub to the tiki gods, and framed in a walk in shower.
With the room reconfigured, we started by putting up a vinyl, full wall mural, of a lava flow in Hawaii. We then painted the walls an alarmingly hot shade of red.

For the floor, we went with sliced lava rock and yes, you heard right, RED GROUT. The look on the face of my contractor, when I asked about red grout, was priceless. He wasn't laughing when it was finished. lol. It turned out amazing.

I found an outfit down in Tijuana that made hand crafted bathroom vanities, online. I touched base with one of the craftsman and told him what my plan was and what I was looking for. He built me a black vanity, distressed in red, frosted glass panels on the outer doors, and carved volcano's on the center doors.
I put frosted plastic panels behind the volcano carvings, and I added yellow flickering flame lights, and red flickering rope lights, inside and underneath the vanity, to make it appear that a fire was burning inside of the vanity. It makes quite a dramatic statement when you flip on the lights. I added some custom, fire, hardware to complete the look.

I had the perfect vanity, but the problem was, what in the world was I going to do for a sink and counter, to go on top? This was a matter of, go big or stay home, so we swung for the fence.
There's this small shop in Toronto, Canada, that creates the most amazing counters you have ever laid eyes on. They take a solid slab of glass, super heat it, until it starts to soften, and then molds the sink, into the glass. They drill the holes for the drain and faucet, but other than that, its a solid, seamless, slab of tempered glass. The top side is mostly smooth with a wavy appearance, and then on the underside, they can texture the glass in several different designs. I went with a rough, rippling effect, that mimics the look of a lava flow. I had them throw in a couple of corner shelves to help keep the counter uncluttered.

As if you couldn't get more dramatic than that, they include a L.E.D. backlight system, that mounts on the wall before you install the counter and the shelves. It can be set to several colors and has special effects such as a breathing, flashing or flickering mode. With all the action going on in the vanity, I opted to just turn the backlights to red, to match everything else.


We added a lava rock backsplash, and a medicine chest with red indirect lighting underneath, and the sink area tied into the red paint, mural, and floor perfectly, to create a "knock your socks off" look, that was stunning. We finished by adding a waterfall faucet that illuminates the water different colors, depending on the temperature.

Back over in the shower, we went with Iridescent red glass tiles, with black grout, and trimmed everything else out in black Corian solid surface.

Add some tempered glass panels, a full body shower tower, and the same lava floor to match the rest of the floor, and the room starts to come together.

For the finishing touches, we add a glossy black throne, a simulated fireplace, a black lava tissue holder, with cup, and finally, these funky, looking things, that appear to be some sort of modern art work, but you flip down one of the hinged bars, and it turns into the most awesome towel rack you've ever seen.

My masterpiece, (so far) The LAVAtory........

Next up........... The BAM Boudoir