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Johnny Tsunami

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Before we wrap thing up here in the bar, I want to share with you, one of our most spectacular side projects. A lemon fell in my lap, so I made some lemonade.

Every bar needs a juke box. Nothing enhances the taste of a Mai Tai like a little Martin Denny or Les Baxter playing in the backround. Back in the day, who didnt want a Wurlitzer, filled with the latest 45s, in their rumpus room. (If your confused, duck duck go it. lol). Problem was, they were damn expensive, then if something went wrong, finding someone to repair them was difficult and costly.
So, like with everything else, here at the Rapa Nui Ranch, we thought outside the box. 5 cocktails, a slight headache, and 50 bucks later, here we are.........
What your looking at, is an old pump organ from the late 1800s. The bellows are rotted, so it has long since bellowed its last refrain of amazing grace. In fact, I was told that this bad boy was once owned by the mayor of Noblesville Indiana. Not sure if thats true, but if it is, Thanks Dude! The patrons at The Rapa Nui Ranch are forever grateful. You have given us the gift of The Lounge O Luxe 2000.
lounge o 1.JPG

Now the top half is just for decoration. Its just a big box, with some solid, fake, wood pipes stuck on the front. Whats unusual, is the fact that the wood box on top, makes this thing 9 feet tall, and it wont fit in most homes with 8 foot ceilings. Not sure how that fits into a major selling point but who knows, maybe 8 foot ceilings were a 1900s thing.
Anyway, its going in the garage and not the house, so its not an issue in this instance, lets get started.
The first thing we did was strip out some hardware and remove enough of the piano keys to fit in a wireless bamboo computer keyboard. Next, where the sheet music usually sits, we mounted a 27 inch monitor, and then added a wireless touch pad mouse, to give you control, while still being inconspicuous.
lounge o 2.JPGlounge o 3.JPGlounge o 4.JPGlounge o 5.JPGlounge o 6.JPGlounge o 7.JPG

We then removed the fake, wood, pipes from the box on top and stripped out the ugly, pink fabric behind it.
lounge o 8.JPGlounge o 9.JPGlounge o 10.JPG
We replaced the ugly pink fabric, with something that had more of a tropical vibe, and wired in a couple of fake, fire pots, hanging from the side. We then replaced the wood pipes, and the look of this masterpiece was finally starting to change.
lounge o 11.JPGlounge o 12.JPGlounge o 13.JPG

Behind the tropical fabric, I mounted a layer of White silky fabric. When lit up, the fabric itself illuminates, and the light doesnt just pass right through. This give the illusion from the outside that the fabric is lighting up, instead of a bulb behind it. We then wired in color changing, strip lighting all the way around the inside of the box, to light up the
lounge o 16.JPGlounge o 20.JPGlounge o 15.JPG

On each side of the monitor, there are small cabinets for storage. There are also some spaces down below, by the foot pedals. I took off the wood, backing plates, on the doors, and replaced them with the tropical fabric, I then wired in, Altec Lansing speakers behind each door, to provide the sound and hide the source.
lounge o 18.JPGlounge o 17.JPGlounge o 19.JPG
We then wired in more strip lighting above and below the keyboard, and also illuminating the foot pedals and the floor in front of The Lounge O Luxe. When all lit up, it stands like a glowing, musical monolith in the corner of the lounge, pumping out the sweet tribal beats, meant to sip Mai Tai's by.
lounge o 21.JPGlounge o 22.JPGlounge o 23.JPG

We added some tiki totems to stand guard over this temple of entertainment, dimmed the lights, flipped the switch, and.........................................MAGIC TIME!
lounge o 24.JPGlounge o 25.JPG

The LOUNGE O LUXE 2000, contains a Dell, studio, desktop computer, with a 14TB hard drive. It contains 17000 videos of music, sports, and comedy, most, 3 to 5 minutes in length, that play randomly in the backround. It also contians over 10000 music files, and 10000 photos.
Altogether, your looking at nearly 40000 files, containing enough video, music, and photos, to play around the clock, for over a year, and never see or hear the same thing twice.
It also contains an 1080 HD, wireless transmitter, that sends the video and audio, to two receivers connected to a tv behind the bar and another on the other side of the lounge, so the bartender has something to watch. lol

THE LOUNGE O LUXE 2000, another masterpiece from the creative minds at THE RAPA NUI RANCH.
I think the dark shot is awesome! Really nice job! -and nice score on a pipe organ! How many people can say they have a jukebox in their tiki lounge?