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Johnny Tsunami

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The uraniYUM room, is basically a space next to our kitchen that is used as the dining area. Its also where you walk through from the front of the house to the back. When there is a dinner table in the middle of the room, you have to walk around it as you pass through, so when we remodeled, we got rid of the table and had a dining bar built in. Other than that, there wasn't much in the room.
I had been knocking around an idea about lighting up the area in a special way, and this is the little side project I came up with.
When they made our counter tops, I had the company make me a piece 8 feet long and 4 inches wide to install as a shelf for condiments, glasses, bottles while eating, keeping the clutter up and off of the area where you eat. I also had them drill me a hole in the backplate, so I could get electricity out to the counter if I needed it.
After staring at this shelf for about a year, I finally came up with a plan......

I bought 2, four foot pieces of 3/4 inch thick, clear acrylic, and some rolls of adhesive window frosting.......
shelf 1.jpg
I applied 2 layers of window frosting, in different designs, in an effort to diffract light as it passes through it......
shelf 3.jpgshelf 4.jpg
Then, using some scraps from the cabinet installation, I used epoxy and attached 4 blocks of wood to the acrylic pieces to act as support......
shelf 6.jpgshelf 7.jpg
I placed the acrylic pieces side by side and epoxied them to the underside of the shelf, when dry, flip it over and there is your condiment shelf. Now here is where the fun starts. Those 2 black and silver things at the back of the counter are L.E.D. black light bars. The plugs for the lights pass through the pre drilled hole in the back plate and are plugged into an outlet installed inside the cabinet behind it..........
shelf 8.jpgshelf 9.jpg
Slide the shelf back and it covers the lights, the wires, and the hole in the back plate. You now see nothing but the shelf.
shelf 10.jpg
Now way back in the 50s, during the atomic era, they made this stuff called uranium, or Vaseline glass. It contains small, (but safe) microparticles of uranium. It turns the glass an emerald shade of green, or sometimes a milky white. They used this glass to make dinnerware, drinking glasses, and ornamental glass sculptures.
shelf 11.jpg
Now the fun begins when you expose this glassware to UV light. It explodes in a dazzling emerald green glow, kind of like a chemical light stick would.
shelf 12.jpg
With the correct dinnerware, (I found a style called sylvan, which has a tropical parrot and bamboo design) it creates a stunning table setting and a very unique way to enjoy a meal.
shelf 13.jpgshelf 14.jpgshelf 15.jpg

I love looking at each room, seems it can't get any better..... and then it does!

Nice job! Love the glowing table settings.