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THOR is an artist!

Tom Thordarson (he signs his work THOR) is a very talented artist who discovered Rum is not just for drinking! He PAINTS with it.


I just bought this print from Tikiland Trading Company (www.tikilandtrading.com) He has others, but this one caught my eye. He has a whimsical, almost fantasy style to his Tiki art. Plus, you know ... rum!

Just thought I'd share.


If I'm not mistaken I think he designs mugs as well. Incredibly talented artist. Your art looks awesome!


For anyone with $250-$684 to spare, the framed Thor prints that used to adorn guest rooms at the Disney World Polynesian Resort hit the Castmember Connection and are trickling onto eBay. The $684 ones are with shipping included. $250 for local pickup. Tempting when I hit WDW later this year, but don't know if I'll have time to leave property.
I have to say, my two most favorite Tiki Artists would have to be SHAG (of course) and Tiki Tony. Though quite different in style, both of their works put me in a happy place when I look at them.
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