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Tiki Finds by Tikiguy thread

Phillip Roberts

New member

I fondly remember the Tiki finds thread from Tiki Central's General and then moved to a ‘Collecting Forum.’ I believe user name who posted it went by the name of ‘Tikiguy.’ I think he only had one other post and (perhaps was an alias of ‘Hanford’) to test the power of the early days of the internet. Eventually the thread amassed over 1 billion views of photos and the exciting , I think the thread began…


Hey, let’s start a brag board of finds from Thrift Shops, Garage Sales, Antique Malls, etc.

…So let’s see what you found in the wild or otherwise…

I’ll start…

1976ish Polynesian Palace Don Ho ‘Suck Em Up’ Mai Tai bucket. I’ve had several over the years… Glad to add to my collection for $0.50 at the local neighborhood thrift.

And an Papua New Guinea ceremonial yam mask…. The way I understand it, you have a guy in a neighboring tribe and you both raise ceremonial tubers, and trade them. You don’t wear the mask, the Sweet Potato does…

Collected Probably around 1960ish, I found it (weirdly) on the wall of an estate sale next to a ugly mask and a carnival feathered mask…

for $8.00 on half price day…


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