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Tiki mug collectors? Sound off.

Tiki Cwazy

Anyone else collecting mugs? I started about a year ago, I have 5 mugs. I know, not a lot, but I mostly find mine at Goodwill and yard sales. I think they are getting popular again to collect as I'm not seeing them as much. Show me what you have.
I have a handful of "cheap" mugs. I won't feel bad if one of my guests falls off their bar stool and breaks one. Now, if I had one of these $180 mugs. I suppose it would go on the shelf for viewing only. ?

I have a small collection, only about 10. I’ve been adding a few a year but haven’t had a place to display them until now.
I did score 4 of these vintage mugs at a thrift store last month.81D5715B-3632-4D72-A81C-7ACC38CD669B.jpeg

Could you share a pic of the bottom? Is there a stamp or a signature? I'm always curious on the history of a mug.