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Tiki on YouTube


Staff member
You can find some good free Tiki music on YouTube. Here's one to listen to while you work. (if you are a Trader Sam's fan you get extra Tiki goodness!)

You’re welcome! I’ve been playing this one while I work on some projects around the house. Pretty relaxing.
There's someone on youtube that has a really nice ocean view video. I'll try and find the link. (complete with music no less!)
awesome! yes, that is the one. however, I would like to find a version without the bamboo slats. I will provide my own.

thanks again!

I like the YouTube video/soundtrack from Disneyland's Adventureland background music. It's the music you hear while you head toward one of my favorite rides — The Jungle Cruise!
My favorite music to listen to while enjoying a tiki cocktail is the jungle cruise queue music. Not quite exotica…but songs like “Moon over Burma” and “sentimental journey”really set a great vibe for me. It’s a great 30s and 40s adventure vibe if you’re into that. Easy to find on YouTube too😊